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The Geese Plush Dog Toy is the perfect addition to any dog's toy collection. Designed for multiple dogs to drag or interact with people, this toy is ideal for power chewers. Its unique textured surface cleans your pup's teeth while ensuring a clean, healthy mouth. Plus, it makes a sound that's sure to keep your dog entertained.

Name: Geese Plush Dog Toy
Material: PP cotton
Size: (approx.)32*21cm/12.6*8.27 inches

Packing List:
1* Geese Plush Dog Toy

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1.Fit Pets: Geese Plush Dog Toys are perfect for pets who love to play with multiple dogs or interact with people. They are soft and durable, and can reduce the frequency of dogs biting furniture or shoes.

2.Reusable Material: Reinforced with durable stitching and sturdy embroidery, this plush geese toy ensures more fun for your furry companion. The eco-friendly material is also reusable, making it an ideal choice for power chewers.

3.Fascinating Toys: Give your pet a dual delight of more playtime and cleaner teeth with our Geese Plush Dog Toys. The fascinating toys help eliminate stains, ensuring a healthy mouth.

4.Simple to Use: Keep your furry friend entertained with our geese plush dog toy - it emits a sound when bitten, making it an enjoyable chew toy that encourages physical activity, reduces boredom and acts as a companion for your dog.

5.Broadly Used: This geese plush dog toy provides versatile play options for your furry friend. Perfect for throwing, interacting, and training to help your dog exercise and play, regardless of breed or size.

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